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Copy Music from iPod to iPhone

Q: I'm really new to getting around iTunes. I only have an iPod now and I know how to put songs on it and that's all. Now, I am wondering is there any way to transfer songs from my iPod to my iPhone? I've been poking around on there and I can't figure out how. A lot of music on my iPod is not on my computer or iTunes. So, who can tell me how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone?

A: iPod Transfer Program can copy music, videos, podcasts, TV show, photos and more from iPod to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Also you will find that Quick Search and Filter tools help you hit what you want as easily as iTunes does. In a word, if you want to transfer songs from iPod to iPad, free download this wonderful software via link below.

Guide: Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone

Tips: Before you start copying iPod songs to iPhone, please make sure that you have installed the latest iTunes.

Step 1: Connect your iPod to computer, then run the software. You will see the iPad information as follows:

run the software to copy music from ipod to iphone

Step 2: Click the "Music" item on the left navigation bar and select the songs you want to transfer to your iPhone. Then click copy ipod videos to pc button. When the exporting finished, connect your iPhone to the computer.

choose songs you want to transfer to your iphone

Step 3: The last step is to run iTunes and transfer the exported music to iTunes and then sync them to your iPhone.

You see? It is so easy to copy iPad music to iPhone. Besides, you can also transferring music from iPod to iPod with this iPod to Computer Transfer. Try to free download it now!

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