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Great Songs in Movies

songs in the moviesListen to some classic music from movies is not only a pure enjoyment of arts, but also can recall the precious memory from the past. Whether the memory is bitter or sweet, it doesn’t matter. If you like to watch movies and listen to music, you must read this article. Here, we provide the list of songs in movies. They must be the most unforgettable songs in the movies. And I believe they must have touched your heard deeply.

Auld Lang Syne - Waterloo Bridge

Do you Remember Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor dance the "Last Waltz" with this songs? In any case, it becomes a "international practice" that the last dance must company with this Auld Lang Syne in a formal dance party. In fact, this song was originally an old Scottish folk song --- "the good old days". In Scotland, everyone will sing it, especially when friends apart from each other.

My Heart Will Go on - Titanic

Which song can be described as soul-stirring? It must be my heart will go on. The angelic voice of Celine Dion enhance love story to a higher level, There are numerous good songs, but my heart will go on express the common voice of lovers; Indeed, there are countless stories of love, but the unchanged love is eternal.

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Edelweiss - The Sound of Music

Who doesn’t know that Hollywood's classical musical "The Sound of Music" film, the songs Edelweiss is popular with all over the world. "Edelweiss" is a lyrical male guitar playing and singing, the blueprint of this song is an old Austrian folk songs. People praise the Snow which is the symbol of happiness, peaceful life. This song appears twice in the film, the first is the hero took the song to express the acceptance of female tutor, the second is the family sing in the family salon concert song to express the love of the motherland.

Unchained Melody - GHOST

This song is quite eye-point effect. When the hero and heroine make the pottery, the soothing melody opened the prelude of love, like a whisper of the lovers. When two have fallen in love, the husky deep voice is becoming high-pitched, loud and shocking. Who do not look forward to the sweet word when the "oh, my love" appeared in your eyes?

I Will Always Love You - The Bodyguard

To be honest, the film of the "The Bodyguard" film is not so brilliant. But this Whitney Houston‘s song "I will always love you" is the classic of song. In the world, I do not know how many women singer to master this song and feel "proud". However, most of the imitation is lack of personality, only Whitney Houston has brought us a genuine sense of hearing "shock". If someone told you that Whitney is not the original singers of this song, she is also the "imitation" , would you believe it?

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