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How to Carry iPod in the Daily Life

Enlightened, the world is beautiful! Endlessness is people's imagination. Here it is. To enables users to make the best use of iPod, there are a wide variety of accessories for iPod. And also, people's curiosities to make full of iPod will never stop. Today we wil share with you how to carry iPod. You may be a student, a white-collar, or a athlete. You may get a iPod nano, iPod shaffle, or iTouch. No matter what you are, no matter what iPod you have, we hope you can find a suitable way for you to carry iPod.

ways to carry ipod

1. Pin the iPod on Your Coat

how to carry ipodThis is the most common way to wear iPod. You can directly pin the iPod, such as iPod shuffle, to your coat. It's very convenient for you to wear iPod like these. Simultaneously, iPod's colorful appearance makes iPod act as a nice accessory.

2. Wear iPod as A Watch

best idea to carry ipodSome creative nano owner refit nano to be watch. Here we introduce you two program: TikTok and LunaTik. TikTok is just like a a basic accessory which allows users toembed or set apart from the strap. While LunaTik makes nano looks like a real watch which uses aircraft-grade aluminum to wrapped nano.

3. Make the Jeans as the Accessories of iPod

how to carry ipodThe world's leading jeans brand Levi's launchs a knid of jeans named RedWire DLX iPod Jeans which is designed specifically for the iPod. There is a a long red ribbon end o fwhich can connect the data interface of iPod. And the retractable headphones of the left porket has attacted many people.

4. Hide in the Tie

how to carry ipodIt's unbelieveable? The Men's luxury shirt brand Thomas Pink has introduced a commuter tie - Commuter Tie. On the back of the exquisitesilk woven tie, there is a small pocket which can keep the MP3. The size of porket is also in accordance to the latest version of the iPod Nano.

5. Wear the iPod on Your Head
how to carry ipod

There is a hat called isoundcap can offer a place for iPod. It looks like a sports cap whoes hat-brim can be placed the headphones. Thus you will no longer be troubles by the complicated headphone wiring.

OK! These are what the most popular way to carry iPod. To make the best use of your iPod, you need another iPod mate - iPod to Computer Transfer which allows you to transfer music, photos, videos, books, and any other files from iPod to computer. If you are interested in this software, you can turn to iPod to Computer Transfer Software to get more details. Or you may free download it here via the below tab.

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