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iPod Transfer to PC

iPod is probably the best portable music player the world has ever seen. It's simple to use, easy to operate, and instantly updatable. Sometimes we need to manage our contents in order to make better use of them on iPod. In this article. Here we picked up iPod Transfer to PC for you, sincerely hope it can help you a lot.

iPod Transfer to PC - Songbird

Songbird is a application that can handle all of your digital media management needs. It is an open source media manager that allows you to set up watch folders to keep Songbird in sync as your media changes over time. It also supports hundreds of add-ons that can add features, integrate services, and customize the application. It also can work as a iPod Transfer to PC.

Pros: Totally free

Cons: The official developers stopped developing the iPod device plugin.

ipod transfer to pc

iPod Transfer to PC - Cucusoft

iPod Transfer to PC from Cucusoft is an easy to use iPod utility designed to help you back up all your files from your iPod, so that you can recover any lost or missing music. With this package, you can back up and restore all of your iPod content, including your favorite songs, videos, photos, play lists and more.

Pros: Free download, powerful, clean and safe

Cons: Need to pay for the full version

ipod transfer to computer

If you want to have a try, you can free download it here.

iPod Transfer to PC - Amarok

Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, Mac OS X and Windows with an intuitive interface. It makes playing the music you love and discovering new music easier than ever before, Amarok is integrated with a lot of web services and features support for all iPods.

Pros: Totally free

Cons: Not officially supported on windows, update slowly.

ipod to computer transfer

After several tests about the iPod Transfers to PC above, i always regard iPod Transfer to Computer as the best, just for its fast update speed and clean and safe design, even it need to pay for the full version.

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