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Recover iTunes library from iPod

Recover iTunes library iTunes only allows transferring files from iTunes to iPod, not iPod to iTunes. So, what if we want to backup iPod songs, videos back to iTunes library for a recovery?

This week popular guide you should know - Recover iPod Music Files with iTunes for Free.

Recently, I reinstalled my computer system, so my iTunes is empty now. I want to transfer my iPod touch songs back to the new iTunes. The question is how can I sync my iPod to my empty iTunes without deleting any files on my iPod? "

Have you ever encountered the same problem? As we know, iTunes is the only official software for syncing iPod with computer, but it only authorizes users to transfer files from iTunes to iPod, not in the opposite direction. In this case, if you wanna make a restoration of your iTunes using your iPod, a third-party software could be the simplest solution.

iPod to PC Transfer is a good choice. It is an iTunes-like and easy-to-use iPod backup, iPod ripping software. With it's help, you can easily and smoothly copy your iPod/ iPhone files to iTunes for a recovery, no longer be bothered with iTunes one-way direction transfer limitation.

iPod to PC Transfer

What's more, this useful iPod/iPhone backup tool can also transfer songs, videos, pictures from your local disk folder to your ipod without using iTunes, providing you the most secure way to backup files, no need to worry about lossing file on your iPod/iPhone.

Note: iPod to PC Transfer supports all types of iPhone/iPods including iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod nano 5G, iPod touch and so on. It provides you an ideal solution to manage, rip, copy, backup your iPod and iPhone on PC.

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